Meet Gabby

Hello my beautiful friends!

My name is Gabriela, my friends call me Gabby.

24 years of experiences.

I discovered the love of singing ever since I could remember, some of my inspirations being Alicia Keys, Evanescence's and Paramore, among many other highly talanted artists. I’m a musician, my main instrument being voice. I also play a little bit of guitar, piano and violin. You won't find me singing in concerts (not yet anyways) I tend to sing to my pets and the birds that like to stick around in the backyard.

I love writing, my love for writing grew in 7th Grade when my writing teacher, Kimberly Hudson motivated me by gifting me my first journal! To this day it is one of my symbols to never give up on my passion for writing.

My last but most important inspiration, My Mom. She has a love of giving, being  very wise and helping others. She’s always been driven and professional as an employee, a manager, an independent seller, always working and bettering herself. Unfortunately after a series of events and my parents being divorced we moved back to Puerto Rico. It didn’t get any easier but her faith kept her going. Not finding jobs she decided to create an online business, which has grown into her very own success story. She’s my first mentor and ever since I was aware I learned through her experiences, I’m so grateful to be her daughter and to have  her in my life. 

My passion and main inspiration is the gift of life. Since I was aware I am free to mold the life I wanted, I acquired the love of Independent Studying. By heart, I am a philanthropist, I love to help people find their purpose and help them make time for their passions. I will forever be enchanted by nature and that is where Gaia’s Enchantment began. I want teach you that it is completely possible to live a graceful life, strengthen your faith and go towards what your heart truly seeks.


So the questions I get asked: What do you do? I always do many things, including that: I am an artist of many passions.

 I’m a make-up artist but I feel make up shouldn’t be about hiding anything. It’s about showing off what you already are and making art and enjoying yourself. So I devoted the love to my skin, not what I put on it. I formulate my very own skin care line, for many years I’ve studied and practiced formulating skin care products that helped even the most sensitive skin I’ve treated. I created Yireh Cosmetics and eventually I started teaching women how to help the customer feel comfortable and choose the right products to have radiating healthy skin. Yireh Cosmetics is all about loving who you are, inviting you to spend more time to take care of yourself and set yourself for success. Yireh Cosmetics will be coming very soon, just a reminder that in the bottom there is a chat box where you will chat directly with me, and you can always comment down below. 

In Gaia’s Enchantment we share the love in nature, art and experiences in life. I love animals and gemstones because they remind me of how blessed we are and the true beauty of life, I love God more than anything and being part of his creation is they greatest blessing we could ever experience.

I’d love to hear how you are, who you are and what your favorite gemstone is.

(P.S. I’ll be doing random giveaways cause I love to gift those taking the time to read, comment and shop. It really makes happy knowing that you left with a big smile on your face.)

✨💜Stay Tuned my Enchanted Gems 💜✨