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Posted by Gabriela Ortiz on

As we grow we learn to question life. Question every little detail making sure what is a threat, what’s not and learn to not trust anyone; yet, the feeling of having someone to trust, to love, is one of the biggest keys of happiness.

To know that many will hurt, betray, misuse, manipulate or try to destroy my heart; yet I will keep healing and fighting to lend my heart to that person. The person who my soul searches desperately in every lifetime, knowing that you are here once again in this next century waiting to re-unite with me. I lend you my vulnerability, my dedication, my love , my passion, my heart; this imperfect heart full of scars of war fighting restlessly to find and rest in you.

You are my safe haven,  I want to give you everything in this world but all i can offer is myself.

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