Golden Static

Posted by Gabriela Ortiz on

Static takes over my body.

I can feel the static taking over my thoughts.

I can see the static when I close my eyes; so I keep them open.

I see the walls and the static overwhelms my eye sight.

I went outside to look at nature but static turned into circles.

Is this day dreaming?

I know my heart is beating but I don’t feel it anymore, its just waves pulsating into my energy fields what is my body. Deep Breath in, Exhale.


As the luminous fields radiate, I’m draped in gold. Don’t you see; this is the way I bleed. I recover like no other; I grow wiser everyday. Every victory is experience; and every defeat teaches lessons that pass on from one generation to the other; choosing to recognize all the blessings that are in front of you. I am love; I choose happiness over the constant fear of the stories untold.

I am momentum, I choose to live in the moment and appreciate it at the fullest.

I am forgiveness, I choose to let go of anything that stops me from loving and being grateful for this path that I live in.

For no matter what tries to stop me, I will always have a reason to never lose faith.

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